Samsung and LG Focuses on Social Networking

Franz Bicar
Franz Bicar -

For those waiting on what LG and Samsung have in store for us on next week’s Mobile World Congress, here’s a teaser. South Korea’s two biggest cell phone manufacturer will preview new handsets centered on social networking in Barcelona Spain at the said event.

The phones will feature full-screen touch panels, Wi-Fi and close links with social networking services.

For Samsung, the company will showcase the Samsung Monte, an extension of the company’s S-series of phones and includes applications for Facebook and MySpace, and widgets for access to Twitter, Bebo and several instant messaging networks. The front of the phone is dominated by a 3-inch display with full-screen touchpanel through which all the main user interaction takes place.

A GPS receiver hooks into Google Latitude, which allows you to share your position with friends on a map, and provides location data that is embedded with photos taken with the phone’s 3.2-megapixel camera. Two applications, Exchange ActiveSync and Google Sync, are included to synchronize e-mail, contacts and other data with a PC.

As for LG, the company will preview the GD880 Mini. Same as the Samsung Monte, it can connect to Facebook and Twitter and a social network feed function combines updates from different services in a single stream.

The Mini will feature a slightly bigger screen at 3.2 inches and the camera offers a higher resolution of 5 megapixels. Other features include high-speed HSDPA networking and A-GPS (assisted GPS).

LG said the Mini will be launched in Europe in March and later in other markets. Samsung didn’t provide launch details for the Monte. Both companies are yet to announce prices for the new handsets.

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