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February 11, 2010

Apple to Offer $1 TV Downloads

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by Franz Bicar

Apple is doing everything it can to ensure the success of the iPad. Reports have turned up about cheaper iTunes TV download. For just a dollar ($1), you can download and watch your favorite TV show episodes. This offering is said to coincide with the release of the iPad - expected sometime in April. Of course, a lot of people are saying that this is an Apple experiment - to see whether cheaper downloads will result in increased sales.

TV episodes are normally $1.99 for standard-definition and $2.99 for high-definition through iTunes. The Financial Times says that some television networks acceded to Apple’s push for lower-priced episodes, but it’s not clear which ones those are, and Apple isn’t commenting.

There was talk before the iPad launch that Apple might at last introduce an iTunes TV show subscription service, but the announcement never materialized.

Story link: Apple to Offer $1 TV Downloads

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