Freeview HD signal upgrades show national variations

February 11, 2010

Digital UK and Freeview have updated their databases showing signal strengths for the Freeview service around the UK, highlighting many regional variations, some of which are quite surprising, with the Freeview HD signal having to run on lower power levels in some areas.

Currently it seems that despite all of the marketing of the Freeview HD service, this service is not freely available just yet and even in those places where it is, the signal can be very weak indeed.

This is somewhat different to what consumers are being told about the quality of Freeview HD.

The problem seems to come from what the industry calls the interleaved spectrum.

This gives a signal, but it can be very weak.

At the moment the plan is for BBC HD and ITV1 HD to be picked up by just over half of the population by mid 2010.


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