Panasonic pushes for 3D Blu Ray

February 11, 2010

Website: Rapid TV News

Electronics giant Panasonic kept its promise, made at CES in January, that its latest 3D/1080p plasma display would not be long before hitting the retailer’s shelves – or to be more accurate, their wall and floor space.

Because their flagship 55” beast is still a wonderful monster of a set.

Snappily named the Viera VT2 range, they are about to start shipping, and Panasonic claims a ‘first’ in that the sets are the very first commercially available 1080p units (for both the 54” and 50” versions).

The two will have four HDMI ports, a VGA output, D4 (component) output and an Ethernet port.

The two 3D plasma sets are due for a late April release date in Japan, with the 54-inch set priced at the equivalent of about $5,900 while the 50-inch VT2 will cost about $4,800.

It is too early to say what their prices will be in Europe or the UK, but substitute Pounds and Euros for dollars would be a good benchmark guess.

The models come with 3D active shutter technology and glasses.

Nor has Panasonic ignored the 3D Blu-ray market. The company showcased its first 3D Blu-ray recorders, which will also be available April 23rd.


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