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February 12, 2010

Apple wants cheaper TV in time for iPad launch

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by David Allen

The power of some companies can really change the world and one such company is Apple.

It is gearing up to begin selling the iPad and wants the US-based television broadcasters and producers to reduce the price of TV shows on iTunes.

Obviously a price reduction on iTunes is going to make the iPad even more attractive to potential new customers.

Currently the average charge on iTunes for a new US TV show is $1.99.

Apple is reported to be looking at a price around the 99 cents mark in time for the iPad launch.

In the UK the average price of a TV show is £1.89 per episode, while an HD version would cost £2.49.

The launch of the iPad and a considerable price cut could go down well in the UK.

Story link: Apple wants cheaper TV in time for iPad launch

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