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February 12, 2010

Support Telecom helps hospice slash phone bill

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by Jan Harris

St Luke’s Hospice in Basildon has seen an 80% saving in its phone bill by working with Support Telecom, a charity partner programme set up by local entrepreneur Mike Allison to reduce charities’ phone bills.

Mike, who has been in the telecoms business for over 20 years, came up with the idea for Support Telecom while cycling across Iceland raising funds for St Luke’s.

He explains how it works: “The concept of the business is really simple, and everyone benefits. Firstly, we give charities a big discount on their phone services. We saved St Luke’s over 30% from day one.

“The next stage is that Support Telecom works in partnership with St Luke’s engaging with local businesses to reduce their phone bills also.

“With every business that comes on board, Support Telecom shares its profits with St Luke’s.

“The businesses win because they save money on their phone bills – and they know every time they pick up the phone they’re making a donation to St Luke’s.

In turn, St Luke’s benefits from the profit share agreement with Support Telecom.”

Chris Cox of St Luke’s adds: “Support Telecom has been a great partner – we can’t thank Mike and his team enough. Under this programme, our phone bill reduces each month basis as more businesses join.

“It would be great if, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary year, we could also completely eradicate our phone charges.

“We’re now paying considerably less than we were when we started working with Support Telecom, which makes a huge difference to a charity of our size.

“They give us a really good service, so we’re more than happy to recommend them to other organisations. The fact that we benefit from doing that as well is just the icing on the cake!”

Story link: Support Telecom helps hospice slash phone bill

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