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February 12, 2010

Toshiba launches Freeview HD PVR

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by David Allen

Freeview HD has been given a boost by the electronics giant Toshiba recently, first with the introduction of Freeview enabled TVs and now with the launch of a new Freeview HD set top box to cater for the households looking to switch to HD.

The Toshiba HDR5010 will come with the now standard two Freeview HD Tuners that allow the viewer to watch one programme while recording another, a 500 GB hard drive (capable of storing 120 hours of HD programmes), two USB ports, three HDMI ports , an Ethernet port and of course the standard SCART port.

Freeview HD also provides the user with an eight day electronic programme guide (EPG) which is handy for advanced programming.

The Toshiba HDR5010 initially has a price tag of around £350, making it one of the more expensive Freeview PVRs.

Story link: Toshiba launches Freeview HD PVR

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