Vodafone introduces sim-only tariffs aimed at iPhone

Darren Allan

February 15, 2010

Vodafone has brought in a range of sim-only tariffs, to tempt customers with an existing phone on another network to switch.

The prices are cheaper, obviously, as you’re not paying for the handset in the tariff – in fact they start at £10 per month.

Vodafone appears to be pitching this at iPhone customers, to tempt them across from other networks, namely O2, when their current contracts expire.

However, for £10 a month you don’t get a hugely expansive deal. This plan gets you 100 minutes, 500 texts, and that’s your lot, although the contract is only a month long.

Some of the tariffs are just for a month, and others have a year contract period.

For example, for £15 you can get 300 minutes and unlimited texts for a month. Or 600 minutes per month, and unlimited texts, if you’re willing to sign up for a year.

The £20 deals also include 500Mb of mobile Internet, and the £25 deals introduce unlimited calls to land lines. There’s also an alternative £25 package which offers 1GB of web and wi-fi.

You can view the full range of new plans at: http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/sim-only-plans/all-sim-plans


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