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February 16, 2010

Star Trek fans dress up to set world record

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by Darren Allan

As part of the launch of Cryptic’s new Star Trek Online massively multiplayer game, the developers set their phasers to “fun” and invited Trek fans to a Guinness World Record attempt.

The idea was to get as many Trekkies (or indeed Trekkers) as possible to turn up at London’s Millennium Bridge, dressed authentically as a Star Trek character, on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not like avid Star Trek fans would have anything else to do on Valentine’s Day, let’s face it (yes, we couldn’t resist the obvious gag – resistance is futile, after all).

A number of them turned up, many dressed in full Starfleet uniforms, with green face paint for the aliens, and Cornish pasties strapped to their foreheads for the Klingons.

The whole thing was presided over by official Jean Luc Picard impersonator (read: a bald guy) Giles Aston, who verified that the participants were dressed in authentic costumes for the Guinness World Records judges.

The record was set with 99 fans present. Not exactly a huge turn-out, and a record that probably won’t stand for very long, but in fairness, it was more imaginative than your average game launch event.

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  1. Why bother writing a story to mock people? Go play with your iPhone sheepboy.

    Comment by Stuart Moore — February 16, 2010 @ 3:06 pm

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