Facebook goes on diet to size Zero

Darren Allan

February 17, 2010

News has come forth from Mobile World Congress that Facebook is about to implement a big switch for mobile users of its social networking service.

A new site called Facebook Zero is being launched. And no, it’s not an off-shoot where Facebook is sending its users with less than five friends.

It will actually be a version of Facebook without pictures or any bandwidth clogging content.

Zero takes a step further than Facebook Lite, and will basically be a completely stripped down, text-only site designed to be usable by anyone; even those with the most sluggish mobile net connections.

Mobile operators will be hoping this measure will free up the strain on networks, as Facebook accounts for a very high proportion of mobile traffic, as recent UK statistics have shown.

Industry body for mobile operators, the GSMA, collected data in December 2009 which showed that Brits spent over 2 billion minutes on Facebook in that single month.

The second place site was Google, with only 395 million minutes, way behind.


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