Panasonic launches the VT20

February 18, 2010

The electronics giant Panasonic has launched its first 3D Ready television at an event in Munich, Germany.

The VT20 Plasma 3D Ready TV will come with the choice of two screen sizes, fifty (50VT20) and sixty five (65VT20) inches.

It will be the first Panasonic TV capable of displaying of 3D images.

The system will be using the frame sequential system at 120 frames per second, with the frames switching from the left to the right eye alternately.

This means that the viewer will need to wear special glasses that can put the images together to produce the 3D image.

Panasonic has included both Freesat and Freeview HD tuners in the VT20 which should become available by the end of spring this year.

The 50VT20 will cost around £2,000 and the 65VT20 will have a price tag of £4,000.


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