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February 19, 2010

3D technology used for gesture control

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by David Allen

3D technology is not just being developed to bring the images much closer to the viewer, but also in the way that the consumer operates their equipment.

According to, in a deal agreed between Intel and Softkinetic Optrima, 3D scanners with the capability to understand some gestures, will be finding their way into cable and satellite TV set top boxes.

No longer will the hunt for the remote happen before a film or sporting event is due to start, as the consumer will in theory only have to wave at the set top box and it will change channels or do whatever the consumer wants.

Of course, as with anything that requires the understanding of signals and gestures, there is often a lot that is overlooked so there may be issues.

Set top boxes with the Intel CE4100 chip inside are due out towards the end of the year.

Story link: 3D technology used for gesture control

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