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February 22, 2010

BBC iPlayer use means £8,000 phone bill

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by David Allen

Bill shock is a term that appeared last year, when owners of smartphones used their devices abroad to download content or watch streamed video, only to find that upon their return a bill for thousands of pounds was sitting on the door mat.

The EU introduced new rules last year that will prevent this from happening, however unfortunately for student William Harrison, the rules are not set to be introduced until the 1st March.

Mr Harrison went to Paris for six on an internship, but still wanting Internet access he went off to the Orange store for a mobile broadband service.

He was told that there was a 3 Gb limit on the service and that being Orange it would work perfectly in France.

After a month of using Skype and catching up with TV shows on the iPlayer the first month’s bill came in at £6,101.56.

This increased with other costs to £7,648.77 despite the dongle being blocked.

This should no longer happen after the 1st March!

Story link: BBC iPlayer use means £8,000 phone bill

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