O2 and Vodafone top broadband network speeds

Darren Allan

February 22, 2010

A survey carried out by network specialists Siroda has put O2 and Vodafone at the top of the UK’s mobile broadband speed ratings.

All the tests, which measured music download and web surfing speeds, were conducted over a two month period in 150 locations across the country. They measured the speeds of all five UK operators at peak times.

When it came to downloading a music track, O2 achieved the fastest speed in twelve out of twenty UK cities. Vodafone came second with five cities, followed by T-Mobile with two, then 3 with one. Apparently Orange couldn’t claim top speed in a single city.

The web page loading performance showed more balanced results, with Vodafone actually coming top. It offered the fastest surfing experience in five cities, ahead of O2, Orange and T-Mobile, which won in four cities. 3 came top in three cities, aptly enough.

It’s important to note that the survey was commissioned by O2, although it has apparently been independently verified by the British Approvals Board for Telecommunications.

O2 also claimed the fastest web page performance in London, with Siroda rating them as a third quicker than the slowest network.

“Our London customers are now seeing the benefits of the investment we made before Christmas, where we spent £30m delivering 40 new sites,” commented Derek McManus, Chief Technology Officer of O2.


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  1. Steve says:

    Well that not my experience with Vodafone, most places I go I get ablack spot let alone a 3g signal.

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