Sony moves away from OLED

February 22, 2010

Website: Rapid TV News

It wasn’t so long ago that Sony was suggesting that Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) flat-panels were the best thing since sliced bread. OLEDs delivered the ‘Wow’ factor in terms of screen brightness and resolution. Not any more.

Sony said Feb 16 that it would stop selling its 11-inch, ultra-thin XEL-1 flat panel which sold for about $2200, citing weak demand. Moreover it seems the Japanese company will not be following up the XEL-1 with any other model soon given the challenges of manufacturing larger panels in volume.

Sony says it WILL continue with OLED development. “Not only are we continuing development of mid- and large-sized OLED panels for TVs, but we also see potential for application of OLED in other devices,” the company said.

Reports in Japan suggest that Sony is not alone in researching into OLEDs. LG of South Korea already has a 15” OLED on the market, while other manufacturers are saying that it will be 2012 before OLEDs begin to achieve real traction in the market place.


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