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February 23, 2010

Apple clamps down on “adult” iPhone apps

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by Darren Allan

Apple has been waving the ban stick at a number of iPhone apps which it has deemed overtly sexual by nature.

We’re not talking pornography here, but apps featuring pictures of women in lingerie or bikinis which had previously been approved.

Some 5000 or more apps have been given the boot, according to The Daily Mail, and the reason cited by Apple is that the company has had complaints from women iPhone users.

They found the content of some of these apps degrading, and were worried about their children seeing this sort of material.

The developers of the banned apps are highly displeased, not only due to the removal of their product, but also due to the favouritism Apple appears to be showing.

Some apps featuring scantily clad models from the likes of Playboy or Sports Illustrated remain on sale, which doesn’t seem particularly fair.

Apple’s reasoning is that these companies are well-known, and have had plenty of previously published material.

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  1. Hi,Darren Allan

    Great job done by Apple
    Here is a list of the new rules:
    1. No images of women in bikinis.
    2. Nothing that can be sexually arousing.
    3. No skin.
    4. No images of men in bikinis.

    Thanx for Sharing

    Comment by iPhone Apps — February 24, 2010 @ 5:13 am

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