Meedan website offers Arabic news translated to English

Darren Allan

February 23, 2010

Meedan is a new translation site which offers Arabic news in English, in order to promote better relations between the West and Middle East.

The idea is that Westerners can see the news as reported in the Arab world, and get an insight as to how perceptions differ from our media.

The site’s translation routines are automated, although a number of human editors go over the computer translations and correct them for extra accuracy.

Everything posted on the site is mirrored in both languages, with English on one side, and Arabic on the other, so people from both sides of the fence can read whatever is posted, even the comments on news articles.

The Arabic word “Meedan” apparently translates as a town square, or gathering place.

And you can congregate over at should you wish to give the site a try.


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  1. George says:

    Thanks Darren - I’m attaching our website link again so your users can check it out with one click. Thanks

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