Ofcom bans Curry’s sponsorship of The Simpsons

February 24, 2010

Sponsored indents of popular TV shows appear before most TV shows these days, in fact this occurs so often now that they are almost accepted as part of the show.

However, occasionally these tiny adverts, which are supposed to be relevant to the show and not be too much like a standard advert, have become just an extra advert.

The media regulator Ofcom has once again been forced to ban the indent from the Sky One series The Simpsons.

The reason behind this ban is that sponsorship cannot encourage a purchase, therefore those that offer services and products cannot be allowed.

Ofcom judged that the Curry’s sponsorship indent breached these rules and has therefore banned the indent, which is very similar to what happened to the previous sponsor of The Simpsons, Dominoes Pizza!


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