Toshiba Freeview HD TVs on sale in April

David Allen -

In order to keep up with the HD Ready revolution, the TV manufacturer Toshiba will be introducing a new range of HD televisions with Freeview tuners during April and May.

With 3D televisions being the talk of the town, it seems that some equipment makers are overlooking the present when HD television is the cutting edge and, for most consumers, the best format for TV at the moment.

To cater for the demand Toshiba will be launching the Regza RV, SL and WL models, each with its own specs.

However, all will come with the Toshiba MetaBrain processor and will be Windows 7 certified which allows for content sharing between a computer and the TV.

The RV will offer a 32”, 37” and 40” screen size, while the SL series comes in 32”, 40” and 46”.

As for the WL, a choice of 40”, 46” and 55” will be available in May.

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