Clive Sinclair doesn’t care for computers any more

Darren Allan

March 2, 2010

Sir Clive Sinclair, the egg-headed boffin who introduced the first mainstream computer to the UK (the ZX80), doesn’t use a computer these days.

We expect he doesn’t drive a Sinclair C5 any more, either. (His famous “revolutionary” transport invention of the eighties, an electric trike crossed with a dodgem that was about as successful as the Segway).

Sinclair admitted he’d fallen out of love with computers in an interview with The Observer. He commented that PCs these days were bloated and inefficient, compared with the likes of the lean ZX80.

Then he said he doesn’t use a computer, and doesn’t email people – but he gets his staff to perform these tasks instead, because he “can’t be bothered”.

Sinclair then corrected himself, saying it wasn’t just laziness, but that he found emails “annoying” and the whole process distracting.

“I’d much prefer someone would telephone me if they want to communicate,” he concluded.

As a reminder for those of you who are feeling nostalgic, the ZX80 came out in 1980 (hence the name) with a whopping 1KB of RAM, and a processor which flew along at 3.25MHz.


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