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March 4, 2010

Futuresource: only 4 years to 50% 3DTV

by Rapid TV News

Website: Rapid TV News

Fresh on top of yesterday’s buoyant forecasts for the sales of 3D-TV sets comes another upbeat report on 3D’s television prospects.

This time it is Futuresource which suggests that within four years the majority of TV sets available will be 3D-equipped. The end result is that a good proportion of homes in the US, Europe and Japan will be able to view 3D content.

“Our research shows an imminent upsurge in the adoption of 3D-capable High Definition and Blu-ray hardware, now strengthened by a clearly defined 3D roadmap,” says Jim Bottoms, Director at Futuresource. “We expect that a high percentage of BD players will ship with 3D capability next year, and within a few years it will probably be difficult to buy a player without 3D.”

“With a number of leading hardware brands all vying to carve out an early position in the 3D-TV and BD market, 3D Ready TVs and players will seed the 3D market in much the same way as the HD market was primed five years ago,” says John Bird, a leading strategy analyst at Futuresource.

“By 2015 we expect the majority of TVs available will be 3D-Ready and the normal replacement cycle will result in a good proportion of households in the US, Japan and Europe having a 3D-capable display,” says Bird. “There is a real feeling of excitement surrounding 3D and here at Futuresource we believe the new unified approach will translate into commercial success within the course of the next few years.”

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Story link: Futuresource: only 4 years to 50% 3DTV

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