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March 5, 2010

Twitter users celebrate 10 billion tweets

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by Darren Allan

Twitter has now reached the 10 billion tweets mark according to GigaTweet, a project which keeps tabs on Twitter statistics.

That’s a lot of tweeting in the four years since the very first tweet was aired, way back in March 2006.

That first tweet was: “just setting up my twttr”, although what the ten billionth tweet was isn’t known, disappointingly, as it originates from a protected profile.

Our guess is that it was: “ten billionth!” Or maybe not…

The meteoric rise of Twitter can be seen in the exponential avalanche of tweets that have gathered momentum through the years.

The billionth tweet, for example, came in November 2008, so it took two and a half years to reach that landmark.

The 5 billion mark came just under a year later in October 2009, and that figure has now doubled in a short space of time. It’s quite a scary growth curve when you think about it.

GigaTweet estimates that the 20 billionth tweet will be reached in around seven months time.

Despite this undoubted success, there are still worries as to exactly how Twitter will monetise its popularity.

The social networking site’s latest plan involves search-based adverts, although not everyone is convinced about that model. Some are concerned about the accuracy with which Twitter will be able to target the adverts, for example.

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