LG Cookie Fresh in the oven

Darren Allan

March 9, 2010

Another biscuity LG phone has been unveiled, and this one is called the Cookie Fresh.

The handset, which will be launched later this month, comes with a 3 inch touchscreen, a 2 megapixel camera, an FM radio, and built-in social networking support.

It won’t do 3G, and by all accounts is a budget pitched effort (hence the 2 megapixel camera). However, exact pricing details haven’t yet been revealed.

LG should have the pricing gun ready, mind, since the release of the Cookie Fresh is imminent – and we’ll let you know how much dough it’s going to cost as soon as we find out.


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  1. Vladimir says:

    Heh… 2mpix camera… One company from Finland has long been producing touch screens with 3.2 and 5 mpix cameras)

  2. dhanesh says:

    you people used sony k700i picture for an LG news so please change it
    i think sony dont support these

    thank you

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