Google ready to leave China?

Darren Allan

March 15, 2010

It appears that Google is ready to make good on the threat it made back at the start of the year, whereby it would close its operation in China.

This all relates back to the hacking incident where Google’s systems were compromised by sources alleged to have originated from China, seeking out data on human rights activists.

As a result of this incident, Google said it would no longer censor search results in the country. It added that if the company and government couldn’t agree on a method by which unfiltered results could be introduced, it would pull out of China.

This now appears to be the case, at least according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Reliable sources seem to indicate that Google is about to close its operation in the country.

For its part, Google says that talks are still continuing, although the company made it clear it will definitely not continue to censor its results when questioned by Reuters.

While Google doesn’t rule the search roost in China as it does in the Western world, Chinese citizens probably won’t be best pleased about the loss of even a censored Google service.

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