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March 15, 2010

Intel works towards 2012 release for mobile WiMAX

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by Janet Harris

Intel is boosting development for WiMAX 2 technology based on the IEEE 802.16m standard, ready for a commercial launch in 2012.

The company believes that 802.16m standard will offer significant improvements over the current 802.16e standard.

The 802.16m standard will be backward-compatible with 802.16e, and will offer download speeds of up to 170Mbps and 90Mbps for uploads, compared with 16Mbps download and 4Mbps upload on networks using 802.16e technology.

Mobile WiMAX operators should be able to easily convert from 802.16e to 802.16m by updating circuit plate units and base station software.

The IEEE 802.16m standard will also offer greater capacity for services such as VoIP, as well as lower latency for improved quality.

Capacity is expected to be a key driver for the new technology with demand for wireless bandwith continuing to grow.

Unlike WiMAX 802.16d, which can only be used by devices in fixed locations, 802.16m will be available to mobile phone and laptop users, travelling at speeds up to 350km.

Intel is launched WiFi/WiMAX combo embedded solutions in preparation for the launch of 802.16m.

Story link: Intel works towards 2012 release for mobile WiMAX

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