Ofcom gives UK ‘adult’ channels final warning

March 16, 2010

Website: Rapid TV News
A batch of UK ‘adult’ broadcasters have received “formal directions” from UK regulator OFCOM.

Bang Channels, Tease Me, and their individual channels must change their ways from their “serious and repeated” breaches of Ofcom’s rules.

Bang Channels Ltd (Bang Channels) is licensed by Ofcom to provide the services known as Tease Me, Tease Me 2, Tease Me 3.

These services are transmitted by satellite on Sky in channel numbers 912, 948 and 959 respectively.

Bang Media (London) Ltd is licensed by Ofcom to provide the service on Freeview known as Tease Me TV.

Ofcom has recently published in Broadcast Bulletins 151, 152 and 153 various breaches of the Broadcasting Code against each of Bang Channels and Bang Media.

Ofcom also published various breaches of Condition 11 (retention and production of recordings) of their licences.

Since these breaches were serious and repeated, Bang Channels and Bang Media were warned that Ofcom was considering these contraventions for statutory sanction.

Despite these published findings, Ofcom is concerned that Bang Channels and Bang Media are continuing to transmit content that is in breach of the Code in that it appears similar in nature to that already found in breach of the Code on a number of occasions.

Ofcom therefore on 12 March 2010 issued formal directions against each of Bang Channels and Bang Media requiring them:

* to comply forthwith with the Broadcasting Code (in particular sections 1 and 2) and Condition 11 of their licences (retention and production of recordings);

* to stop transmitting forthwith any content which is materially similar to that already found in breach of the Broadcasting Code by Ofcom; and

* immediately to confirm these actions to Ofcom in writing.

Failure to comply with a Direction given by Ofcom could give rise to consideration of a statutory sanction and may result in the revocation of relevant licences.

The broadcasters had until 3.30pm yesterday to communicate in writing that it had accepted these Ofcom directions, or else!


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