Facebook is okay with panic button

Darren Allan

March 18, 2010

Facebook is making positive noises about including a “panic button” on its site, following criticism of the social network relating to the recent death of a teenage girl.

Ashleigh Hall was murdered when she was lured into meeting her killer via his false Facebook profile.

A panic button is a measure other social networking sites have adopted, and consists of a highly visible button that youngsters can click on to report offensive or inappropriate behaviour or material to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

Facebook executives had a meeting with the Home Secretary over the issue, and according to a BBC report, said they had “no objection in principle” to installing such a button.

The big cheeses at Facebook have agreed to meet with CEOP next month to discuss the details of implementing the scheme.

Many people can’t understand why Facebook has taken so long to come around to CEOP’s way of thinking, when sites such as Bebo were much quicker to adopt the measure.


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  1. Fraser says:

    Im sorry, at what point would a panic button helped Ashleigh Hall. She was having what she thought was a secretive online relationship with someone she thought was 19, at what point would she have pressed the button?

    I agree that this button can help, but really, a heck of a lot more is needed than this. I am guessing CEOP thinks that no children lie or deceive, WAKE UP GAMBLE, smell the coffee, you have no idea what is going on.

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