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March 18, 2010

Kindle arrives on the Mac

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by Darren Allan

The Kindle e-reader software has been available for a while now on the PC, and now it has finally made its way onto the Mac, too.

Functionality is pretty much the same as the PC version, as you would expect.

You can use it to hook up to the Kindle store and buy e-books, or download a few preview pages of books you think you might like, but want to sample first (a bit like Amazon’s Look Inside feature).

The software will also allow you to sync with your Kindle hardware, assuming you have a device, and will keep your bookmarks, annotations and so on.

Just like the PC version, you can’t actually insert notes on a text in the software (as you can on the hardware), but that’s a feature Amazon is still working on.

Kindle for the Mac is free, as indeed are some of the books in the Kindle store, so it’s well worth a butchers if you fancy dabbling in e-reading.

There’s still a sizeable percentage of folks who would much rather hold a book than look at a screen to read, but the e-book market is certainly an expanding one, particularly with the likes of the iPad on the horizon.

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