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March 19, 2010

Lords say Europe unprepared for cyber-war

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by Darren Allan

A recent report from the House of Lords has suggested that European cyber-defences are in dire need of strengthening.

Future conflicts won’t just be conventional, as cyber-attacks are likely to be a more commonplace form of terrorism or action against a country.

And because of the way the Internet is interlinked across borders, countries with weaker online security are going to have an effect on other European nations if they are comprised.

While the UK might have fairly robust online defences, the likes of Estonia, which a couple of years ago fell victim to an attack which took its online banking system down, aren’t so clever in the cyber-security stakes.

In fact, the report ranked the UK near the top of European countries when it came to online defence.

But the Lords committee stressed that each country was only as strong as the weakest link, and the UK would benefit from bringing other struggling nations up to its security levels.

Currently, the level of co-operation between not just EU nations, but also NATO is poor, and the report stressed that this situation needed to be remedied on a global level.

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