Nintendo 3DS handheld: 3D graphics without glasses

Darren Allan

March 23, 2010

We’ve had the resurgence of 3D films, and now 3DTV, along with talk of 3D games, so perhaps it isn’t too surprising that Nintendo is jumping on the dimensional bandwagon.

The company has announced that its next handheld will boast 3D technology, and what’s more it won’t require the user to don a goofy pair of specs to experience three dimensions.

The Nintendo 3DS will work with the naked eye, although exactly how hasn’t yet been revealed.

Launch of the handheld console is planned for this financial year, i.e. before April 2011, and it’s expected to be officially unveiled at the E3 games show in June.

Should be interesting to find out how this one works, and exactly how effective the 3D graphics are. We’ll let you know more as soon as we uncover it.


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