Warner Bros recruit student anti-piracy monitor

Darren Allan

March 30, 2010

Fancy a job working as a detective? Not a hot-headed, hard-boiled PI who kicks down doors and asks no questions, mind you, but an online detective for Warner Bros.

Reports on the Internet claim that the film company has posted an advert at Manchester University to recruit an anti-piracy intern.

The position runs for a year long contract, and involves monitoring the illegal downloading and distribution of the company’s films.

The prospective download policeman will be expected to sift through various forums, file-sharing sites and chat networks, logging any Warner Bros content they discover.

They will also be involved in carrying out “trap” purchases of pirated material.

Experience of P2P protocols is required for the position, along with a very thick skin, should any of your fellow students discover what you’ve been up to.


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