BT brings fibre to a further 300 exchanges

Darren Allan

March 31, 2010

BT has announced the roll-out of faster broadband (mainly FTTC or fibre-to-the-cabinet) to 300 more exchanges starting later this year, and finishing around the summer of 2011.

The bad news, if you don’t live down south, is that two-thirds of these exchanges are in London and the south-east.

And outside of England, only seven exchanges are set to be upgraded in Wales, and just one in Northern Ireland.

Although even that beats Scotland, where BT has decided to roll-out a grand total of… wait for it… none. Nada. Zilch.

One gets the feeling that the highlands will see next-gen broadband around about the same time that Satan doesn’t need a fridge any more (even the Devil has to keep his beers cool).

The reason for the bias is of course that London and the south east are the most densely populated areas – this round of upgrades will encompass some four million customers in total.

Nevertheless, Scottish people will doubtless be very pleased to see an absolute zero on their account sheet.

FTTC will deliver broadband download speeds of around 40Mbps in theory, with even more increase on the upload front, with up to 10Mbps possible, package and line depending.

Some exchanges will be getting fibre straight to the home/premises, with theoretical 100Mbps maximums that will compete with similar Virgin offerings which are also due to start emerging later in 2010.

Down south and in cities, no doubt, as the broadband richer and poorer gap gets more pronounced.


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  1. Jim Christie says:

    Typical of BT to ignore Scotland.

    We have major offices for some of the largest and by far most profitable companies in Aberdeen particularly major Oil companies yet BT offer 2nd rate services and seem happy to continue like this.

    It is time that there was a real alternative to BT. If our money is not good enough for them then the Scottish parliament should be making plans to ensure that Scotland has a telecoms infrastructure that can support business and domestic customers into the 21st century.

  2. LaughingJohn says:

    I live in Chelmsford which is already FTTC enabled. My current broadband speed is roughly 1.3Mb on a good day.

    According to the BT checker only 512Mb.

    Unless you live close to the Exchange where you probably already had a pretty good connection then this means nothing !

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