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April 2, 2010

Mux Plans could cause interference problems in Spain

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by Rapid TV News

Website: Rapid TV News

Earlier this week ‘Rapid TV News’ reported on the published Spanish government’s approved of its Mux plan for broadcasting after the switching off of its analogue signals.

Immediately following the plan’s approval the telecommunications industry warned of possible problems with interference risks in the planned television frequency plan.

In particular Spain’s broadcasters and cable MSOs fear what some experts have found in the future use for mobile telecommunications and where usage of those frequencies liberated by the TV channels in the digital process.

The fear is that cellular and other uses could cause interference in the reception of digital terrestrial signals.

The analogue switch off is already affecting some 16.5 million Spaniards in the major cities of Madrid, Seville and Barcelona, and which will be complete this Friday, April 2nd, with Spain’s government having given the green light to the assignment of frequencies for the new DTT channels.

In this process between March next year and January 2015 the frequency bands the broadcasters have been using to broadcast in analogue will be freed up.

Through this project the government believes the TV sector will generate from €12bn and €16bn in value market.

However, the fear is that not enough attention has been paid to new equipment to screen them from damaging the quality of many TV broadcasts.

National newspaper ‘Expansión’ has published what it sees as the huge costs for the re-pointing or replacing TV aerials to pick up the new digital channels.

According to some sources from the audiovisual industry there are technological procedures to avoid interferences between the mobile phones and the TV equipments although the costs can be high.

Story link: Mux Plans could cause interference problems in Spain

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