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April 5, 2010

Apple iPad launch a successful one

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by Darren Allan

So it finally happened. On Saturday in the US, Apple’s iPad went on sale and the general public flocked to buy them, at least earlier in the day.

Analysts reckon that Apple shifted 600,000 to 700,000 units, which was double what the experts were anticipating, according to reports.

Early on in the day, there were queues of people across the country, waiting to pick up the wi-fi version of the device, which starts at $499.

However, the stores weren’t packed out all day, and it seems that Apple didn’t sell out of its initial production run, which was a prospect hinted at by earlier articles on the iPad’s potential.

With the iPad in the hands of US citizens over the Easter weekend, the app floodgates have opened, with several thousand dedicated apps already available for the device.

According to Mobclix, approximately four out of five of these apps are charged for, with the average price being $4.99, considerably more expensive than the iPhone.

The FT reckons that some of the most downloaded paid-for apps include a baseball game, and EA’s version of Scrabble (the latter of which weighs in at $10).

Not everyone is happy with the iPad, mind, as footage of somebody smashing up the tablet with a baseball bat has become something of a minor hit on YouTube.

You’d think the guys from Google and Adobe would have something more productive to do with their holiday weekend, wouldn’t you?

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