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April 5, 2010

Ofcom to back ITV ad deregulation

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by David Allen

In 2003, when several ITV companies merged, the Contracts Rights Renewal (CRR) scheme was introduced.

This was to prevent the larger media company from taking advantage of its dominance of the market.

But now it seems that even the regulator Ofcom feels it is about time that CRR was scrapped, leaving ITV to manage how it operates the advertising on its own network of channels.

It turns out that Ofcom reviewed the situation last year and had no objections to CRR being lifted.

This document has now been released under the freedom of information act.

It was the competition commission that wanted CRR to stay in place, although there were some slight changes made to the contract.

The fate of CRR is in the hands of whoever wins the General Election now, with the different parties having different ideas.

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