Ofcom plans for cheaper mobile calls

Darren Allan

April 6, 2010

Ofcom is set to shake the mobile market up a little with some changes to both the cost of calls and time period for changing over networks.

Ofcom is planning to reduce “termination rates”, which are the charges mobile operators make to connect with and talk to someone on their network, from a landline or another operator’s network.

Currently that rate is set at over 4p, but it will gradually be reduced, with the plan being to eventually slim it right down to half a penny eventually.

This won’t happen for a few years yet, however, with the projected date it will reach this budget level penned in at 2015.

Ofcom is also shaping up to reform the time it takes to switch from one mobile network to another.

Currently a customer has to wait 48 hours to get their PAC to facilitate the change-over, but Ofcom wants consumers to be able to get the code within a couple of hours, in order to switch inside a 24 hour period.

A time saver that will be welcomed by all, and a measure that should be in place come the start of next year.


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