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April 7, 2010

‘Clash of the Titans’ debut breaks records

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by Rapid TV News

Website: Rapid TV News

Reviews for Clash of the Titans were not exactly heroic, but the movie grossed more than $100m on its debut weekend, with $61m from the US domestic release, a world record, and not bad for a movie that cost a reported $122m to make.

But there’s more to this story than first meets the eye.

First up, there’s the impressive 3D conversion from Prime Focus and its ‘View-D’ transfer process.

Purists may grumble a tad about the technology, and it would be most unfair to compare and contrast the finished movie with James Cameron’s Avatar, but that epic cost three-to-four times that of ‘Clash’.

Indeed, the miniscule cost of the ‘Clash’ 3D conversion process is where the miracle occurred, because it was but pennies compared with the overall cost of the project.

Moreover, as Martin Hobbs of Prime Focus explained at a VIP London screening on April 6, “this movie was turned around in just 8 weeks.

“Ideally we’d like nearer 12 to 15 weeks. Our View-D can provide a solution by creating high-quality 3D content from 2D footage quickly and efficiently.”

He stressed that Hollywood would still want to make movies from the ground up in 3D, but View-D was an inexpensive process that now potentially brought the studio’s back catalogue into today’s 3D climate.

And the argument applied just as equally to television drama and broadcaster’s achives.

He’s right. And it won its money back in the first moments of the screening, because despite being shown on far fewer screens than Avatar (because Alice in Wonderland is still on release, as is How to Train Your Dragon, and Avatar is also still available on some European screens) it still managed to make it as the highest-grossing movie ever released during the Easter weekend.

Warner Bros. head of distribution, Dan Fellman said the 3D aspect appealed heavily to ‘Clash’s’ target market, attracting 64% males with 42% under 25.

Fellman described the film as a “fun popcorn movie,” adding that “it was a big win for us all weekend.”

The 3D aspect added about $5 a head to seat prices, which undoubtedly brought in audiences seeking a few extra 3D thrills and helped the box office hugely.

As for Prime Focus, they have now added View-D facilities to their London HQ as well as Los Angeles and Canadian studios.

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