Election debate details released

April 7, 2010

With the General Election called, a major TV event that has been in the planning stages for some time will now be set in motion.

The live election debates that bring together the three leaders of the main political parties will now take place and details of these debates have been released.

Each debate will last ninety minutes.

The first will be screened on ITV1 on the 15th April in the north west of England, followed by Sky TV on the 22nd April in the south west, while the last debate will be shown on the BBC on the 29th April and will take place in the Midlands.

The audience will be asking the leaders questions directly from the floor, while viewers will be able to email questions in to the show in advance.


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  1. Mr R Grant says:


    IO am not sure I am in the correct place. I saw on T.V.last night that the BBC was looking for questions for the live debate. If I am in the wrong place would you please put me in the correct place.

    What I want to ask is
    It is alledged that Cambo, Gordi and also Clegg have taken money and now they have been caught out have all repayed what they stole from the tax payer.

    If I steal from my employer I am sacked, if as an employer my staff steal from me they are sacked.

    These three are standing to be P.M. they do say set a thief to catch a thief !!

    I bet you will not let me ask that question

    All the best

    R Grant

  2. Oriole Newgass says:

    Will the second debate on 22 April from the South West of England, which is produced by Sky TV, be shown ONLY on Sky? If it is proposed that Sky subscribers alone are able to view this debate,it would surely infringe the rights of all the rest of us to have the information we need to make an informed choice as to who will form our next Government?

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