TalkTalk to fight the Digital Bill

April 12, 2010

Following the ultra quick work of the government to slip the Digital Economy Bill though Parliament without anyone really checking it out, it looks as if some broadband account holders will be seeing their broadband services removed due to excessive illegal downloading.

One internet service provider (ISP) has stated that it will protect its customers’ identities unless they are demanded through the courts.

TalkTalk has been opposing the bill since it was first suggested, not that it supports illegal downloading, but the company apparently believes that the digital economy bill is wrong because it places the responsibility onto consumers to prove that they are innocent, rather than the other way around.

According to TalkTalk, it is the only ISP to come out and state that it will not disclose its customers’ details.


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  1. Christine Welsh says:

    I may just change internet provider…. :D

  2. L Adade says:

    I work with the Industry Trust for IP awareness, so wanted to respond to the above. Whilst it is true that some broadband account holders could be seeing their broadband services removed due to excessive illegal downloading the focus shouldn’t be on people being cut off. The act states that temporary suspension is only reserved for serious infringers who repeatedly ignore warning notices and the film and tv industry certainly agrees that an effective appeals process is needed. This act isn’t about taking away peoples rights, its about helping give back the right for people to be paid and rewarded for the hard work which goes into making films and tv programmes. It is also about ensuring we can all continue to enjoy a wide range of content in the future by helping legal alternatives establish themselves online without having to compete with ‘free’.

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