Energy saving light bulbs interfere with cable TV

April 13, 2010

For many people, sitting watching the TV is a relaxing end to the day, but for some people it is the start of a stressful time with the TV flickering and even switching channels, and this is not due to a horror movie or a house that needs to be exorcised.

The culprit for these ghostly goings on appears to be a combination of a low energy light bulbs and cable TV provided by Virgin Media.

Therefore, what is causing this problem?

Well, according to experts, it is believed that the infra red produced by the low energy light bulb can be mistaken by the set top box as a signal from the remote control.

Normal light bulbs also produce infra red, but they do not flicker like the energy efficient light bulbs do.

Normal light bulbs will be phased out next year!


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  1. Stuart Halliday says:

    CF bulbs also generate a high level of radio waves which interfere with radio remote controls used to switch off Mains devices.

    They can also interfere with wireless Routers.

    Oh hum…

  2. John says:

    I was sitting watching my ntl box when my enrgy saving light bulb dimmed, I guess it had came to the end of its life. After that my ntl box started muting itself and loading the menu and trying to change to channel two. After a while of wondering if the neighbour was messing around with a remote i decided to change the bulb for one out of the hallway and it fixed it. good job as i was about to call ntl to replace the box.

  3. Stuart Halliday says:

    Yeah, CFL put out a lot of radio frequencies and Infra-Red. A faulty one would interfere with any infra-red receiver.

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