Google Street View online shopping for thieves?

Darren Allan

April 13, 2010

Google Street View has become the centre of a new privacy row, over break-ins at a man’s garage.

The Bradford man is pictured on Street View pressure washing his drive, with his garage wide open behind him.

If you zoom in, you can clearly see there are some items of value in the garage, such as a mountain bike, washing machine, some sort of fridge and other appliances.

The man suspects that the image could potentially be implicated in three attempted burglaries on his garage, one of which was successful, resulting in the loss of the bike.

He said Google Street View was like an online shopping service for thieves, according to The Register.

For its part, Google says that the images on Street View are no different to those that could be seen or captured by anyone else driving down the road at any time.

The man has apparently now removed anything of value from the garage.


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