Toshiba launches World Cup promo

April 13, 2010

With the World Cup only a matter of weeks away, the official sponsors and not so official sponsors are gearing up promotions to capitalise on the biggest football event in the world.

One promotion that turns out to be very interesting comes from Toshiba.

The company has launched the “England Expects” campaign, which could cost Toshiba a lot of money if England happens to win the World Cup.

Starting yesterday, the promotion will run until the 10th June and basically it means that anyone who buys a selected Toshiba TV or laptop and registers the purchase on the Toshiba Website, will get their money back should England win the World Cup!

It is difficult to decide if this is just good marketing or that Toshiba believes that England does not stand a chance in South Africa.


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  1. Rock Selta says:

    It’s actually happening in Portugal too. I suspect they have gone global with this campaign, which means they will win everywhere except the winning country. Big win for them in all cases… moreso if a small country wins.

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