BBC accounts will be opened up by the Tories

April 15, 2010

The Conservatives have included their plans for the BBC in the party’s general election manifesto.

It seems that initially the Tories will not be taking any prisoners, where the BBC is concerned.

The first major change will be to give the National Audit Office (NAO) full access to the BBC’s accounts.

The idea behind this will be to show exactly what happens to the £3.4 billion that the BBC gets every year from the TV Licence fee.

An audit at the BBC would be able to show where the money goes and who within the organisation is paying what!

Under the plans, the BBC Trust would be axed and to complete the task the media regulator Ofcom would also find that its powers are reduced.

Of course, these are merely election promises.

In practice the end result never really relates to the original pledges.


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