Freeview NZ to get new music channel

April 16, 2010

Website: Rapid TV News

Freeview New Zealand will get a new exclusive channel from next month, with MediaWorks TV announcing a music video channel to play on Freeview Channel 9.

C42 will offer “up to” 30% local music and will feature back-to-back alternative music videos, without hosts.

The channel will launch on May 1 to celebrate the start of NZ Music Month.

MediaWorks already operates C4 which has extended beyond its music channel origins to become a general youth entertainment channel. C42 is an extension of that brand.

Mediaworks TV Executive, Andrew Szusterman says: “We’re happy to be able to offer a true free-to-air 24-hour nationwide music television service that will play everything from ‘The Clash’ through to ‘The Clean’, while also highlighting more current talent like ‘Vampire Weekend’ and our own ‘The Naked and Famous’.”

C42 joins the Freeview platform as the second exclusive channel for Mediaworks, after the launch of 3+1 in March 2009. With the launch, Freeview will have TV3, C4, TV3+1, C42 and George FM from the Mediaworks stable.


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  1. Vicki says:

    Why do “youth” who avoid TV like the plague get two freeview music channels and yet baby boomers who watch 24/7 not get a music channel of: opera/concerts/crooners/choirs/ballet/dance/and classic drama.

    Youd find it the most popular channel but of course the advertisers wouldnt like that

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