Apple iPad 3G US delay

Darren Allan

April 19, 2010

The 3G version of the iPad has been subject to a delay over in the States.

Apple says that the device will be launched on May 7th, later than near the end of April as originally anticipated.

However, those who have already placed an order for an iPad 3G have been assured that their orders will ship in late April, with no delay.

The 3G will still be on shelves everywhere in the US before you can pre-order a basic wi-fi iPad over here, on May 10th, because Apple has also delayed the tablet’s launch in the UK.

As we reported last week, the UK street date is now late May, slipping from late April.

This is apparently due to the fact that the iPad has sold so well over in the US. Apple says it shifted 500,000 iPads in the first week.

That should be it for the delays though – and it shouldn’t be long before we actually have some firm pricing for the UK iPad.

Back at the start of March we guessed at £400 for the price of the basic wi-fi model, although it might turn out to be slightly pricier than that.


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