Orange gives up own broadband network to strike BT deal

Darren Allan

April 19, 2010

Orange has decided not to pursue constructing its own broadband network across the UK, as the company has done a deal to hand it over to BT.

In return for picking up Orange’s broadband work, BT will let the company piggy-back off its own infrastructure.

In effect, this will give Orange an immediate and large boost to its coverage, and provide a better quality service.

Customers have been leaving Orange, slowly but steadily, for the past few years due to poor performance and service.

The move will free resources Orange was spending developing its fixed line network, and allow the company to invest in making more attractive deals for potential broadband customers.

An article in The Times put forward the point that Orange had even considered abandoning its broadband strategy altogether, in the face of its decline.

VP of Strategy at Orange, Bruno Duarte, told The Times: “We are not satisfied with where we stand with broadband, as our customer base is declining and our performance is poor. But we need to remain in fixed-line broadband so decided to fundamentally change what we are doing.”

Hopefully we will be seeing some good deals from Orange in the pipeline, then.

And existing customers will see their broadband connections benefit in terms of speed and reliability. A case of the future’s bright, the future’s BT, possibly?


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