Snaps of next version of the Apple iPhone?

Darren Allan

April 19, 2010

It’s one of the strongest mobile phone related rumours that Apple will be bringing out a new model in the iPhone range later this year.

Particularly as the fourth version of the iPhone operating system is set for release this summer.

And confirmation edges perhaps a little closer, as alleged snaps of the next iPhone have appeared online.

The photos, which were put up at Engadget, show a sleek phone looking, well, pretty much as you’d expect it to look, really.

The phone, which may or may not be a prototype (or indeed completely made up) has a front facing camera, and 80GB of storage (yowser).

Could this be the iPhone 4G, iPhone 3G+, iPhone HD, or whatever it could potentially be christened?

Apparently it was found in the floor of a bar in San Jose, which if it is the real deal, could lead to considerable embarrassment for an Apple employee.


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