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April 20, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 details confirmed as no hoax

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by Darren Allan

Yesterday, we reported on the story of photos of Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone appearing on the net.

The prototype version was found on the floor of a bar, we understood, although it was actually on a bar stool, according to tech site Gizmodo. It was apparently lost by a twenty-something Apple software engineer.

But it is indeed real, as now Gizmodo actually has the iPhone in its possession. Though Apple has remote wiped it, so there isn’t much they can do with it, save pry away at the hardware.

Gizmodo has “disassembled” it – it was disguised as a normal 3GS originally – and reported their findings.

These include the fact that the next iPhone will have a front facing video chat camera, as well as an improved camera on the back.

It has an “improved display”, with a higher resolution than the 3GS, but, oddly, a slightly smaller screen.

Aesthetically, it has a completely flat back, and is a more square edged unit. And it has a slightly larger battery, plus the phone uses a Micro-Sim like the iPad.

It’s quite the exclusive, and Gizmodo is absolutely convinced this is the real deal fourth version of the iPhone.

The site comments: “There is so much evidence stacked in its favour, that there’s very little possibility that it’s a fake. In fact, the possibility is almost none.”

Various parties have condemned Gizmodo’s actions on several fronts. Firstly, for naming the Apple employee involved, although the site says that this was done in an effort to help him keep his job, not get him fired (presumably because he’s now in the public eye, Apple would have to fire him in the public eye).

Secondly, many think Gizmodo could be in legal hot water for going ahead with this expose (presumably) without Apple’s permission.

Unless the handset isn’t the fourth-gen iPhone, of course. Either that, or as some computer conspiracy theorists have it, this whole episode has been set up by Apple as a publicity stunt.

We guess we’ll find out soon enough, when the official reaction from Apple comes.

Story link: Apple iPhone 4 details confirmed as no hoax

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