Sony PlayStation 3 firmwave arrives with 3D support

Darren Allan

April 22, 2010

You may recall that we ran a story at the beginning of the week on how Sony was readying a firmware update to bring 3D gaming to the PS3.

And rumour had it that the update would be here in June. However, it seems that the 3D update will be pitching up on the console a bit sooner than that.

It’s about to arrive imminently, in fact.

Version 3.30 is a mandatory update which prepares the PS3 for 3D gaming.

Of course, you’ll need a 3D TV to enjoy it (or be given a headache by it, depending on who you believe), and the games themselves won’t be released yet.

The likes of Wipeout HD and Super Stardust HD won’t be released until Sony gets its Bravia 3D TVs out in the market in June, for obvious reasons.

The company wouldn’t want PS3 owners rushing out to buy other brand sets to enjoy 3D gaming any earlier.

Update 3.30 also contains minor tweaks to the trophy system, to make it easier to sort and compare trophies with your friends.


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  1. Thomas says:

    They want to update the Flash on the PS3 along with the web broswer, then need to bring back other OS. They need to get GT5 out at soon as been waiting on it like forever, they also need to bring cross game chat.

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