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April 26, 2010

Sky to provide free 20Mbps broadband

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by Darren Allan

Sky has announced that it will provide customers with a free upgrade to 20Mbps broadband.

From June, Sky will offer two basic broadband packages: Sky Everday Lite and Sky Unlimited.

Everyday Lite is the free broadband option, although you’ll obviously need to be a Sky TV subscriber, and also on Sky Talk, the company’s phone service, to receive it for nothing.

However, there’s a 2GB data limit, so the free plan won’t be suitable for those who like to download a lot of movies and so forth.

Although it might be suitable for more users when the Digital Economy Act kicks into full force.

If you’re willing to fork out £7.50 a month, then you can avail yourself of the unlimited package, which as the name suggests means unlimited data.

Sky says that there will be no caps, traffic throttling, or any restrictions on the unlimited package.

It’s a pretty tempting offer, it must be said, although you have to wonder how the ISP will cope with a potentially large influx of customers sucking on its bandwidth.

And the headline speed of 20Mbps is, of course, a theoretical maximum, dependent on your location, distance from the exchange, which way the wind is blowing, that sort of thing.

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